Frequently asked questions

Q: I’ve noticed some changes to Internet radio. Has something changed?

A: In order to avoid the possibility of Internet radio service no longer working due reliability to issues with the station aggregator, we’ve partnered with an alternate station aggregator. This is the same aggregator who supplies the premium music streaming services to our Musica model (Deezer, Napster, Tidal, and Amazon Music). This change was not made as a cost-saving measure, but to allow us to continue to reliably support the Internet radio functionality of your Como Audio model(s). You will be required to re-save your preset Internet radio stations, so please make note of them. The new service will bring with it some unavoidable changes such as to the menus in Internet radio mode. Also, “My Favorites”, “My Added Stations”, and the Internet radio portal will no longer be available. We will investigate trying to support similar features in the future with the new service. You may notice some new stations and podcasts available to you, while some others may be missing. You can still request a station/podcast be added to the data base or report a problem with a station by using this link. For more information, please refer to our blog post.


Q: I’m having problems connecting to an Internet station or experiencing other issues. What can I do?

A: We highly recommend you reboot your router and modem (if you have a modem) before trying anything else, as most of the time this cures the issue. There should be a reboot/reset button on the router itself, or you can just unplug the router for a minute and plug it back in. Even if other devices are operating fine, the router could still cause issues. If the router reboot doesn’t make any improvement, the next thing to try is a Factory reset in the System settings menu on your Como Audio system. This will require repeating the set up process and re-saving presets , which is why we strongly suggest you try rebooting your router first.


Q: Do I need a subscription to be able to use your products?

A: No. However, you will need Wi-Fi service to take advantage of most of the features our products offer. If you wish to take advantage of Musica’s premium streaming services like Tidal, Deezer, Napster, or Amazon Music you will need a subscription, but this is not required to use the other features.


Q: Can more than 1 Spotify account be saved as a preset?

A: No, only 1 account can be saved.


Q: What do you recommend as far as a WiFi set up is concerned?

A: Our products will work with any 802.11 2.4/5G b/g/n router. A broadband service which is capable of 1Mb download speeds is best.


Q: What about using Apple AirPlay?

A: Connect an audio cable from the audio output of an Apple AirPort Express to a Como Audio system’s auxiliary input and use AirPlay as you normally would. Be sure your Como Audio system(s) and iOS device are connected to the Express’ network. This setup will also allow your music to be multi-roomed by grouping all of your Como Audio systems and controlling them via the free Como Control app. If your current Express is not easily accessed to connect a cable, a second AirPort Express can be set up in “bridged” mode, then connect a cable from its audio out to your Como Audio system’s aux input.


Q: Will Pandora, YouTube, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, and other apps work with your products?

A: Spotify is the only music streaming app integrated in all of our music systems. For the ultimate streaming experience, our Musica features additional integration for Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Napster premium music services. However, you can stream other apps from your device to ANY of our products using Bluetooth, DLNA, a Chromecast for Audio dongle (not included), or a 3.5mm stereo audio cable to one of the auxiliary inputs. You can also connect an Alexa device (not included) via Bluetooth or audio cable and access other services by voice!


Q: Do your products support 24 bit/192Khz?

A: Yes. Both auxiliary inputs.


Q: Can I connect a turntable?

A: Yes, provided your turntable has an integrated preamplifier or you have an outboard preamplifier.


Q: Can the display be dimmed or turned off?

A: Yes. Go into the Menu > System settings > Backlight. Select ‘On level’ to dim the display when the unit is On. Select ‘Dim level’ to dim the display when the unit is in Standby. You must also select a Timeout value for the Dim level to work. Alternately, when the unit is in standby, double click any remote control key twice (except Power and Alarm) to turn the display completely off.


Q: Are these models portable? Do they contain a battery?

A: Our portable model is Amico which includes a rechargeable LI-ion battery for up to 8 hours of playback (based on average use) on a full charge.


Q: When the Amico is off and not connected to the adapter, the clock doesn’t show. Is that normal?

A: Yes. The display and clock require more power than anything else except the amplifier, so to preserve battery power, the Amico is inactive if switched off without the adapter connected. If you need to see the clock or use the alarm or sleep timer, please keep the adapter connected. There is no harm to the battery if the adapter is connected when the battery is fully charged.


Q: Can the clock be changed from an analog face to digital?

A: Yes. Go into the Menu > System settings > Time/Date > Standby format > Analog/Digital.


Q: Can I use the Duetto as a sound bar for my TV?

A: Yes. Be sure you have the option to change your TV’s audio output to PCM out. The sound will be in stereo, not surround sound, but should provide an improvement over the sound from the speakers built into your TV.


Q: Do your products include an FM HD and/or Sirius/XM tuner?

A: No. However, some FM HD stations also broadcast on Internet radio and can be access through our Internet radio tuner. If you own an outboard HD or Sirius/XM tuner/radio, assuming it has an audio output, you connect its output to one of the auxiliary inputs.


Q: Can I connect a different antenna?

A: The existing antenna is threaded over an F connector and can be replaced, but it is recessed within the panel in order to reduce how much it sticks out in the back. This may make it a bit more difficult to attach a different antenna.


Q: How can I search Internet radio stations?

A: Multiple options are available to find stations including searching by music genre, searching by a specific country, or inputting a specific station name.


Q: What codecs are supported?

A: When playing music through the USB input from a USB flash drive or a network-stored library of music files, supported codecs include FLAC, WAV, AAC+, MP3, and WMA.


Q: Will the USB jack charge my mobile phone?

A: Yes, provided it does not exceed the 5V/1A power rating.


Q: Can the alarm be set to wake to a tone as well as one of the sources?

A: Yes. With the unit On, press the alarm clock icon key on the remote control, select an alarm, set each parameter as desired and under “Mode” select “buzzer”. Be sure to save your changes by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the alarm menu and selecting Save. Note the alarm cannot be set to wake to the USB input or to a computer.


Q: Is there a Sleep timer and Snooze?

A: Yes, and the sleep times are adjustable.


Q: Can Bass and Treble be adjusted?

A: Yes. Go into the Menu > System settings > Equalizer > My EQ profile set up > and adjust as desired. Be sure to answer ‘Yes’ to save your changes when you exit out of the EQ menu.


Q: What are the finish options and are the cabinets real wood?

A: The current options include walnut and hickory, and piano gloss white or black. The cabinets are made of nearly ½” thick MDF with a real wood veneer or multi-layer piano high gloss finish.


Q: Where are the products assembled?

A: They were designed in the USA and are assembled in China.


Q: Do you have brick and mortar dealers?

A: We are continually speaking with potential dealers, but at present the products will only be available for purchase on line.


Q: What is the warranty?

A: Every Como Audio product carries a two year warranty.


Q: I use my USB flash drive on a MAC. How do I get it to work with Solo or Duetto?

A: Configure your flash drive’s Format to “MS-DOS(FAT)” and the Scheme to “Master Boot Record”. This will allow Solo or Duetto to recognize the flash drive whenever it is connected to the USB input.


Q: How do I find your Android App on the Google Play store?

A: Search under “Como Control” and scroll down until you see the “CA” logo.


Q: Spotify is showing as “playing” on the Solo/Duetto display but I am not hearing any sound.

A: Spotify failed to completely connect. Disconnect the Spotify app from Solo or Duetto and then reconnect it.


Q: Can I play music from my MP3 player through the USB input?

A: No. The USB input supports a USB thumb drive and also charges most smart devices requiring no more than 5 volts/1 amp. To play music from an MP3 player, use Bluetooth or connect an audio cable to one of the auxiliary inputs.


Q: What are the differences between Solo and Duetto?

A: Duetto is stereo and therefore offers a wider soundstage. It also plays slightly louder and the bass frequency extends slightly lower than Solo, though both models sound excellent. The Duetto’s 3.2” color display is slightly larger than Solo’s 2.8” display, meaning text is a little easier to read, and the clock and album artwork is presented slightly larger. Other than these things, the feature set is identical. If you have a particular space in mind to place it, bear in mind Duetto is larger than Solo in all dimensions.


Q: Can I add the Ambiente or Amica speaker to Duetto or Musica?

A: The wired Ambiente and Amica speakers were designed to turn Solo and Amico respectively from hi-fi mono speakers into stereo systems. As Duetto and Musica are each already stereo, those separate speakers won’t work with those models. If you own a Duetto or Musica and you want to cover more of your home with sound you should add another model other than Ambiente or Amica and group them together in the Como Control app so they all play the same source. For instance, you might have the Musica in your living room and a Solo in the kitchen.


Q: I set the alarm but it didn’t wake to the correct time or source. What happened?

A: After you set the alarm time and source in the alarm menu, you must scroll down to the very bottom of the alarm menu page and select “Save” for the changes to take effect.


Q: I set the Backlight Dim level to “Low”, but when I placed the unit in standby the display did not dim. What happened?

A: Unlike the On level, the Dim level is linked to the Timeout. For the Dim level to work, you must set a Timeout of at least 10 seconds.


Q: Is the round red plastic piece to the right of the display a power or standby light?

A: No. It doesn’t illuminate. It is the sensor for the included remote control.


Q: I want to perform a factory reset but I am unable to get into the menu. Is there another method to do a reset?

A: Yes. Unplug the power cord. Press and hold in the Power and Menu knobs simultaneously while at the same time plugging the power cord back in. After you see the Como Audio logo on the display, release the two knobs. The unit will be reset.


Q: Can I use your products in an RV/camper or a boat?

A: Yes, via the rear panel DC input, but you will need a DC to DC converter (not included) to increase the voltage from 12VDC to 20VDC which our models require. If you want to use Solo or Duetto’s supplied power cord, the other option is a 12VDC to 120VAC converter (not included).


Q: My smart device is connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and the Como Control App can’t find my Duetto or Solo. What do I do?

A: Disable the VPN and re-enable it after connecting the App to your Duetto or Solo.


Q: When the time advances 1 hour or falls back 1 hour during Daylight Savings Time, what do I do to keep the time accurate?

A: Our software defines DST as advancing the time one hour (typically done around Spring) to extend evening daylight. Therefore, turning DST On adds one hour, while turning it Off (typically just prior to the winter season) deducts one hour. To adjust DST, go into the Menu > System settings > Time/Date > Daylight savings > On/Off.


Q: I am experiencing some issues with Spotify Connect. What should I do?

A: Make sure your Solo/Duetto is actually connected to your WiFi network and be sure your smart device that has the Spotify app is connected to the same WiFi network as your Solo/Duetto. This is important if you have more than one router/network. If you are accessing the same Spotify account on your phone and your computer, you should only use one device when connecting to Solo/Duetto. If someone else in the household is using Spotify Connect, that user’s device may be connected. The Solo/Duetto can only connect to one device at a time. If you continue to have an issue, go into the Solo/Duetto’s Menu > System settings > System reboot. A quick System reboot should solve the issue.


Q: Can I pair and connect one of your models to Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth single speaker?

A: Yes, with the addition of a third party Bluetooth transmitter connected to the headphone output on one of our models. Please consult the manufacturer of your headphones or speaker for their recommendation regarding a compatible Bluetooth transmitter. The Bluetooth in our models are receivers only and receive music from a smart device or computer having Bluetooth. You can also connect a pair of headphones using a 3.5mm stereo audio cable.


Q: I live in an apartment building and when I try to set up my Como Audio system I am not asked for a password and cannot get the unit to work. What should I do?

A: This is due to the network’s firewall. You should contact your building’s IT person and have them add the MAC address from the Como Audio system to allow proper connection to the network. To get the MAC address: System settings > Network > View settings.


Q: Why is the walnut finish lower in price?

A: We sell a higher volume of the walnut finish, thus the cost is less than the hickory. The piano finishes cost more because the multi-layered gloss finish is a much more labor intensive process than wood veneer.


Q: Do your models work with Sonos and similar speakers?

A: Sonos uses their own proprietary network which is incompatible with our models. Our models will work with each other and many other devices using the Frontier Silicon solution.